Season ticket renewal instructions

Eastleigh FC have partnered with ticketing and fan engagement platform Fanbase for the 2024/25 season onwards. To renew your season ticket, please follow the steps below.

1. Please click here.

2. Click ‘Renew season ticket’.

3. If you don’t already have a Fanbase account, please click ‘Sign up’ and follow the steps to create an account.

4. After creating your account, you will be sent an email to ‘verify your email’. Click the ‘verify your email’ on this email.

5. Once your account is verified, click ‘schedule’ on the menu and then search ‘Eastleigh’ and press the green plus sign, and then click ‘opt in’.

6. Once you are opted in to Eastleigh FC, click ‘Schedule’ again.

7. On the ‘Schedule’ page, click the ‘Renew season ticket’ button. 

Your ticket(s) will load. Follow the steps to renew your ticket.

If your ticket(s) does not load after creating an account and clicking ‘Renew season ticket’, please input your email you used to purchase your 2023/24 season ticket and the surname associated with the ticket(s).

*If you receive an error message stating “Could not find season ticket renewal”, please try a different email address and if you receive the same message, please contact the club by emailing*

*If you purchased your ticket directly via the Ticket Office last year, please contact the club by emailing and we’ll be happy to help process your order.*