The Spitfires are out of the FA Trophy after losing in a penalty shootout following a tension-filled match against Aldershot Town.

Following a historical victory against Reading, Eastleigh faced Aldershot in a FA Trophy game. Eastleigh had emerged victorious from their last spar with the Shots back in August, but the Shot’s secured themselves their second win against the Spitfires today.

The first effort of the match came within the first minute with Enzio Boldewijn crossing from the right over to Paul McCallum.

This set the tone for an energetic match, as George Langston made a header at the goal, coming off a corner from Chris Maguire.

In the third minute, McCallum made another attempt, keeping up his form from the previous match.

The Spitfires keeper Tommy Scott made his first save of the afternoon, blocking an Aldershot effort with a dive.

McCallum performed an agile bicycle kick back over to Maguire who took a shot.

The Spitfires then scored their first goal of the match, with Boldewijn crossing the ball over to Jayden Harris, who rolled it in past the opposing keeper, sending fan moral skyrocketing.

Harris celebrates after scoring the opener. Photo by Graham Scambler.

Moments later Langston blocked an Aldershot attempt, saving a potential equaliser.

10 minutes in, Maguire took a fall, leading to an attempt flicked from Langston to Boldewijn.

A corner followed 2 minutes later, taken by Maguire who made a solid attempt but was blocked.

At 19 minutes Harris took a shot head on, sending the ball straight over the goal.

Soon after, the assistant manager for Aldershot was sent off pitch with a red card following a verbal altercation with the referee.

Boldedwijn took yet another shot at the goal in the 27th minute.

Langston demonstrated impressive control as he withstood repeated tackling attempts down the line, keeping the ball in play.

Shortly after, Boldewijn sent a beautiful ball flying over to McCallum, with the effort blocked by the opponents.

Francillette had his first effort of the match 34 minutes in, sending the ball straight at the goal.

Langston driving with the ball at his feet. Photo by Graham Scambler.

Tension soared as Scott executed a stunning flying save from an Aldershot ball, following up with another save only one minute later.

A Spitfire injury lead to a free kick at 42 minutes, ensuing in an effort.

As half time loomed, Boldewijn took a shot at the goal that was blocked by the rival keeper.

Play became dramatic in the last minute of the half as Maguire was fouled, leading to an Aldershot yellow card, with play quickly finishing for half time afterwards.

The second half kicked off energetically, as McCallum tried a header at the Aldershot goal.

However, a red card was produced for Francillette in the 51st minute, leading to a free kick on the edge of the box for Aldershot and ending on a missed attempt straight over the goal.

This was followed three minutes later by an adrenaline fuelled goal from McCallum as an Aldershot player blocked a shot, fell and fumbled the ball, allowing McCallum to sweep it in.

Multiple Eastleigh players celebrating with McCallum. Photo by Graham Scambler.

After some strong defence from Eastleigh, McCallum had another attempt at 61 minutes, blocked by the Aldershot goalkeeper.

63 minutes in, Aldershot player Haji Mnoga crossed the ball in an effort, but it was safely stopped by Lee Hodson in a great show of defence.

Jack Barham scored Aldershot’s first goal of the match in the 65th minute, only two minutes after being subbed on, leaving the score at 2-1.

Scott then saved a fast-paced run and attempt from Aldershot as the game ramped up a notch following the Shot’s goal. He then made another save seconds later as they made another effort.

The game became more defensive for Eastleigh around the 68 minute mark, with multiple attempts from Aldershot, all well protected by the Spitfires defence.

Maguire performed a nimble feint whilst defending following a scramble after an Aldershot corner.

Harris battling for possession. Photo by Graham Scambler.

The away fans rose to their feet in the 73rd minute as Aldershot equalised with a shot by Mnoga hitting it’s mark.

Aidan Barlow performed an impressive run down the line a few minutes later, making an attempt from the right hand side.

In the 83rd minute, Corey Panter was subbed on in the place of Solomon Nwabuokei.

Three minutes later a free kick was given to Aldershot just outside the box, ending in the ball blasted high over the bar.

In the final minutes of stoppage time, Scott made an incredible save, stopping Aldershot from taking the advantage.

The Spitfires went on to lose 5-4 on penalties.

Eastleigh: Scott (GK), Francillette, McCallum (63), Boldewijn (C), Langston, Hodson, Nwabuokei (84), Maguire, Clements, Quigley, Harris (72)

Subs: John, Clampin, Atangana (72), Barlow (63), Panter (84), Rutherford

Aldershot: Van Stappershoef (GK), Mnoga, Harfield, Harries (C), Rowe, Frost, Tolaj, Glover, Haigh (59), Willard (64), Thomas

Subs: Westen, Stokes, Scott (59), Barham (64), Ghandour, Mullins, Turner

Attendance: 1344 (406 away)

Report Grace Hardy