Eastleigh Football Club are delighted to announce a new community initiative which has been launched over the summer.

“Charity Champions” has been launched with the focus of bringing the local community together as we continue our pledge to make football accessible for the whole community.

The concept is for the club to reach out to the local community and offer families and individuals who would not be able to the chance to come and be involved with the club. We hope that in doing this it will give those people some enjoyment, respite and be a positive experience for them to look forward to. The feeling of being part of a community club can be truly uplifting and many friendships form in this way. We hope that this initiative will create a positive impact and will be of real benefit to those who would otherwise not be able to experience being part of the football club.

From Chairman & Directors, Associate Directors through to the players and off the field staff, everyone connected to the club has committed to purchase season tickets for our forth coming season to show their support.  

Through our network and contacts, we have been working hard to connect with charities who have identified individuals and families who would benefit from this scheme.

As we approach our first home game of the season, we are hoping we are able to support as many eligible people as possible. We have a limited number of tickets remaining and wish to ensure they are distributed.

If you wish to support this scheme and pledge a full or partial donation towards a season ticket, this will be greatly appreciated. Alternatively do you know a family who have fallen on hard times, would appreciate respite from caring for someone, has lost a loved one or an individual who is isolated and would enjoy some company? We are truly hoping to reach as many people as we can.

Should you be aware of anyone who would benefit from the gift of football, please get in touch by contacting – Charitychampions@eastleighfc.com

Over the coming days we will continue to push our message that together we support.

We have priced these tickets at £90 for adults and £30 Under 18’s, should you wish to support this initiative, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact the club at – charitychampions@eastleighfc.com